You know when you need a last minute Halloween costume so you take an old sheet, cut two eye holes and call yourself a ghost?

Well, that is the inspiration behind Victoria, BC artist Sara Wilson’s current body of work.  Sara works in oils, ink and graphite. Her work is primarily figurative with contemporary women as the main subject.  Her ghostly figures offer an ethereal and haunting perspective of the female body.

Sara has long had a passion for portraits and although she often drifts away from them to work on her own creative ideas, she enjoys going back to them for the occasional commission.

She is strongly influenced by her mutuals, a group of close art friends; as well as many contemporary artists, that thanks to social media are easy to find.

Sara Wilson holds a Fine Art Diploma through the studio based studies at Victoria College of Art.  Her studies were focused primarily on traditional drawing and painting techniques and mediums.

Email: sara.christine.wilson@gmail.com

Upcoming Shows:

January 2019 – Boobies & Weiners – Arts Factory – Vancouver, BC


Previous Shows:

2018  Fortune Gallery – Winter Small Works Show – Victoria, BC

2017 Poppet Creative – Small Works Group Show – Victoria BC

2017 Hot Art Wet City – Boobies & Weiners – Vancouver, BC

2016 Hot Art Wet City – A Pizza Art Show – Vancouver, BC

2016 Hot Art Wet City – Boobies & Weiners – Vancouver, BC

2015 Red Art Gallery – 10×10 Mystery Show – Victoria, BC

2015 Hot Art Wet City – John Hughes Tribute Show – Vancouver, BC

2013 Olio Art Collective – A Halloween Show – Victoria, BC

2012 The Apartment Gallery – Victoria Emerging Art Awards and several group shows- Victoria, BC


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